if there were a list of the most popular topics in people’s daily lives, work and health must be within the top ten. in china, at reunion dinners or parties, asking about one’s work and health condition is a common approach to breaking ice. on college campuses, juniors and seniors exchange plans of career development and body building every now and then. also, during a blind date, individuals talk about each other’s job and health more than any other topic.

after all, job and health largely affect one’s happiness. without a decent, well-paying job, people cannot afford to travel abroad, send children to study abroad, or buy parents health care. likewise, without a good health condition, people are unlikely to enjoy what they have earned through hard work.
when conflict occurs between climbing the career ladder and maintaining health, many, however, choose the former. that is why we see a number of 20-year-olds work until night or even through the night. sometimes, we also notice that some young employee attending parties decide to leave early after receiving a call from employers who need them at the office immediately.
are they fools? some say yes, because they sacrifice health for work, while others say no.
because most of them know that they are making such sacrifice and that they can make it up when standing out in their fields. from my point of view, health is no less important than work; a man with poor health can hardly finish his work, yet another man with good health can always find a job as long as he tries.


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