小作文( ≧100words )(10分)一般是图表类,首要要读懂图表所表达的信息,然后杰出其间首要的信息,省掉一些非有必要和剩下的信息,一起留心,用文字描绘的时分要做到理解而全部!(不打扫考使用文(如函件)的可以性。可是这品种型作文很简略,主张我们考前花小半天背背格局即可)



1)最初:as isvividly/symbolically shown/described/depicted/illustrated/revealed in the drawings/photos/pictures, we can find with ease that——(据图所示,咱们可以很理解地看出…)


3)结束:提出自个的主意(处置办法、办法或办法)under such circumstances, we ought to take drastic(激烈的) measures to lessen(减轻) the phenomenon。on in this way can the problem be solved.


◆ 总起句,介绍图表主题

①according to the chart/as is shown in the chart, we may see that the number of…has been increasing/decreasing.

②the chart, reveals/demonstrates/indicates the (striking) change in…

③the most prominent trend shown in the chart of … is an enormous decline in the number of…

◆ 描绘数据趋势

①上升: increase, raise, rise(from…to…), grow, surge, soar, skyrocket, move/go up, incline, rebound(上升), surpass(跨越), pick up, show an upward trend/in increasing trend, etc.

②降低: decrease, descend, drop, reduce, fall, shrink, plunge, plummet, lessen, diminish, dwindle, decline, etc.

③其他: remain, be stable, fluctuate(不坚决), level out(相等,趋于平衡)

标明上升或降低的词常会和标明时刻持续的词连用,如:year by year(逐年)for … years/decades


slightly,steadily,immensely(=extremely)dramatically/in a dramatic way显着地

(increase) with a sharp rise(grow) by leaps and bounds 日新月异地

(the number) is temporarily(暂时地)

higher/smaller than those of…

以上说到的副词也可改动为描述词润饰名词,如 an enormous decline, a slight increase 等。此类描述词还有continuous, marginal, drastic, obvious, smooth等



①最初to be exact/specific, statistically

②泛指:the majority/minority

③概数:about, approximately


⑤倍数:the figure nearly doubled in…; twice as many as those in…,

⑥比例:…accounts for the largest portion, xx%; …makes up about xx%, xx% consists of…



②比照:on the contrary, by contrast, in contrast to, while, whereas

③联接:…, which is followed by…



①with the above analysis, we can conclude that…

②in conclusion/general, the chart suggests that…

③all in all, it is clear to see that…


高文文( ≧140words)(20分)一般是常规的谈论文,偶尔也会查询记叙文,可是谈论文呈现的次数是最多的,一般是题干中描绘了一种社会表象,然后让你去做出一个评价,比方说你是撑持呢,仍是对立这种表象。在写高文文的时分,最重要的是要有理有据、条理清楚、逻辑通畅。



1)最初:when talked about——,the overwhelming(压倒性的)majority of people are of the opinion that——,but others think a little bit differently that——there has been a heated discussion about ——.some people think that—(正观念),others, however, are of the opinion that—(反观念).

2)中心:those who argue that——(正观念) have the reasons as followsfirst,——second,—— third /besides, ——others also have their own opinions.(反观念)on the one hand,——on the other hand,——last but not the least,——

3)结束段:to sum upin conclusionin summaryfrom what s said above, i hold that——(自个的观念,多为中立)




more importantly 更重要的是

when it comes to 当说到某件事时

in this way/by this means 经过这种方法

as far as i know 据我所知

as far as i m concerned 就自个而言

in other words 换句??br>

in a word/in short/in brief 总之

in order to 为了

as well as 也



as society develops, people are attaching much importance to….



as to whether it is worthwhile ….., there is a long-running controversial debate. it is quite natural that people from different backgrounds may have divergent attitudes towards it.



in the process of modern urban development, we often find ourselves in a dilemma.



recently the phenomenon has aroused wide concern, some people are in alarm that….



the human race has entered a completely new stage in its history, with the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention.



…… plays such an important role that it undeniably becomes the biggest concern of the present world.



now we are entering a new era, full of opportunities and challenges,


句型8 :

here is a good side and a bad side to everything, it goes without saying that…


句型9 :

as far as i m concerned,the advantages far overweigh the drawbacks(disadvantages, shortcomings)我认为,利益胜过缺陷


many people claim that…




1)认为,断语:i am convinced that , i believe, i argue, hold, contend, state, claim, suppose, advocate, assume, point out, point to, allege, assert, personally, as for me, as far as i am concerned?

2)许多:a large number of, a large amount of, a considerable number of, a host of, dozens of, scores of, the bulk of, a majority of 大有些的,a minority of小有些的

3)如今、当前:in contemporary society, nowadays, at present, recently, currently,in recent decades

4)越来越:an increasing/growing of +可数名词复数=越来越多的,increasingly+描述词或副词原形

5)重要,必要,主导,要害,根柢, 意义严峻:important, necessary, essential, vital, crucial, influential, overwhelming, primary, overriding, principal,fundamental, elementary, cardinal, significant, indispensable, dominant, key, leading, prominent, decisive, major

6)前进、前进、增强:enhance, strengthen, promote, boost, intensify, magnify, amplify

7)显着,杰出的(adj) : apparent / noticeable / remarkable / obvious/ evident/ conspicuous / striking / prominent / eminent / significant

8)很大地,非常地(标明程度):exceedingly, quite, rather, particularly, significantly, considerably, surprisingly, greatly, highly, hugely, largely, tremendously, enormously, overwhelmingly, remarkably, strikingly, substantially, essentially, vastly, entirely,

9)可以:may, perhaps, be likely to, possibly, it is very likely that…, it is predicted that…猜测

10)常常:often, frequently, more often than not

11)教育、建议、鼓舞:educate, advocate, encourage

12)满足的:adequate, ample, sufficient, enough

13)归因于,源自于:ascribe to, attribute to, result from, is associated with, arise from, derive from, stem from, originate from (in), grow form, a source of

14)因为,因为: due to, thanks to, owing to, because of, be responsible for, by virtue of, in light of,

15)致使、构成:contribute to, lead to, result in, bring about, create, give rise to, trigger, ignite, cause, generate, promote, breed, induce

16)一般,表趋势:tend to, be prone to, be inclined to, have a tendency to

17)描写、培育:cultivate, develop, foster, mould, shape, build

18)发生,呈现,发生:take place, occur, arise, bring about, create, cause, emerge, turn out, work out

19)能给,能使,能让:enable sb. to do sth., allow, render, ensure, equip…with, furnish…with, give, let, make, offer, promise, bring, provide, encourage, liberate/ free/ release sb. from..

20)有利,有助于:be beneficial / instrumental/ helpful / conducive / favorable / optimal, facilitate

21)偶尔:occasionally, sometimes, once in a while, on some occasions

22)有…影响:exert …effects on, have an effect/ impact / influence on

23)不管,尽管:no matter…, regardless of, despite, in spite of

24)呈现,展示,描绘:show, display, illustrate, exhibit, describe, depict, demonstrate, unfold, point to the fact that…

25)对立:oppose, protest,object to, go against, disagree with;opponent 对立者

26)触摸到:expose…to, have/ get access to

27)撑持、撑持:applaud, favor, advocate, in favor of, be side with, in agreement with, go for, vote;proponent 撑持者

28)利益、优势:pro, merit, strength, advantage, benefit, positive

29)缺陷、弱势:con, fault, flaw, weakness, downside, drawback, disadvantage, negative

30)假定、假定:imagine that, provided that, suppose that, on condition that

31)损坏、损害、有害:destroy, damage, spoil, ruin, undermine, endanger, jeopardize, impair, temper, do harm to , be detrimental to, be hazardous

32)阻止,阻止:hinder, hamper, block, keep…from, obstacle to, barrier to

33)构成潜在挟制/损害:pose potential threat / danger / risk to

34)无视、小看、非有必要:overlook, ignore, neglect, underestimate, secondary in importance

35)伴随:along with, together with, be accompanied by

36)关于:in terms of, with regards to, as to, concerning

37)重视、注重、偏重、优先思考、把…放首要方位:highlight, pay attention to, raise…concern, arouse… concern, call for…concern, attach importance to, give priority to, lay emphasis/stress on

38)不可以否定:there is no denying that…, it is an undeniable fact that…

39)毫无疑问:it is no doubt that…, admittedly

40)广泛,盛行,受等待:prevalent, prevail, enjoy/ gain popularity????


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