?were it not for the caricature above, an enlightening phenomenon would be subliminally omitted: climbing a mountain, a man sits on the step and says: . ?common as it is at first glance, the cartoon is ?brimming with illumination after serious pondering: individuals are bound to put value on perseverance, which can be expounded as follows. initially, hardly a week goes by without some advance in society which would have seemed incredible decades ago. encountering with the very prosperous society, many souls are becoming increasingly fickle, which triggers them to give up when meeting obstacles. simultancously, the strain of modern life has exposed a pandoras box of problems that folks are becoming increasingly profit-oriented and thus tend to disregard the significance of persistence. last but not least, anyone who is eager to succeed must realize that the way to success is full of thistles and thorns, which will disappear in the face of preseverance.?altogether, perseverance is of essence and more needs to be done. we are bound to foster a climate that values the persistent spirit, and reward tenacious activities. life
2019年考研英语一大作文 – 哔哩哔哩(2019年考研英语二真题及答案)插图
is like a colossal ship sailing on the sea, in which at any moment we will meet storms or reefs, but if we maintain our perseverance, the ship will never sink.


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